About us

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The large population of youth in Africa means many opportunities for fast company creation. We want to be the platform that accelerates the creativity of African youth and youth of African descent so that they can make their lives, the lives of their families and the world better.

Who we are

We are Engineers, Product Managers, and Data Scientists who have come together behind a mission to enable African youth and youth of African descent to build business and create jobs.

AfricaHacks was founded by Uchi Uchibeke to enable African & youth of African descent to build companies.

Why now?

Uchi started Naijahacks because of the impact that participating and winning Hackathons at Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, Waterloo, and many more had on him and his career. He wanted to bring a similar experience to young people in Nigeria to enable them to build solutions that make themselves, their families, and the world better.